You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  Mark 12:31

Volunteers are vital. In 2015, 738 volunteers logged more than 8,474 hours. As advocates for the poor, we want to make sure volunteers leave us ready to share with others about our cause and how they help in a rehabilitative way, not just providing relief.

Join us in God’s transformation of this neighborhood. Volunteers–

  • Can work from your own location or at Parker Street Ministries
  • Can be young or old.
  • Can serve as individuals or in groups
  • Can come once or serve continually in a program

Volunteers participate in many areas:

  • Academic enrichment program tutors or enrichment leaders
  • Drives for toys, snacks, backpacks & uniforms
  • Neighborhood or facility workdays
  • Community gatherings – food/games/prizes/volunteers
  • Hospitality for seminars – food/childcare
  • Administrative
  • Classes for adults on a variety of topics
  • Advocating for families or for Parker Street Ministries

More ideas are in the file below:

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